We carry a comprehensive range of quality stainless steel components to suit virtually all rigging and architectural needs from shackles and hooks to a wide range of balustrade fittings.

We can supply the wire rope, bottlescrews, thimbles, and swages and also the very popular terminal designs, all of which can be fitted and assembled on site by you. For those that buy their balustrade wire and fittings from us in the 3.2mm or 4mm sizes, we can hire you a hydraulic press or Dolphin swaging tool, which are both very easy to use. This enables anyone to be able to complete the job on site.

For those jobs that require bigger than 3.2mm or 4mm, such as bracing or for shade cloths we also have an in house swaging press, So if you measure up and give us the lengths we can manufacture the wires with your choice of fittings for you in our store.

For the builders and trades people who do a lot of this, we also sell the swaging tools, hydraulic press and wire rope cutters.

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