Sydney Lifting Equipment

At Sydney Lifting Equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of load rated chains and fittings designed for durability, safety, and reliability. Whether you’re in construction, marine, or industrial applications, our high-quality products ensure optimal performance. Our key products:

Stainless Steel Load Rated Chain and Fittings

  • Our Stainless steel chains are corrosion-resistant and suitable for various lifting tasks.
  • Available in different sizes and load capacities, these chains meet industry standards.
  • Ideal for marine environments, construction sites, and heavy-duty applications.

G60 Stainless Steel Chain Slings

  • These chain slings are specifically engineered for lifting and rigging purposes.
  • Constructed from G60-grade stainless steel, they provide exceptional strength and longevity.
  • Customizable lengths and configurations to suit your specific needs.

Load Rated Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts

  • Our eye bolts and eye nuts are load-rated for safe lifting operations.
  • Precision-engineered with reliable threading and robust materials.
  • Suitable for securing loads, hoisting, and rigging.

Transport & Marine Fittings


  • Boat rigging components for sailboats, yachts, and other vessels.
  • Stainless steel fittings that withstand saltwater exposure.
  • Ropes, chains, and attachment points for marine applications.


  • Attachment points for securing cargo during transportation.
  • Cargo nets, G70 chains, and stainless fittings.
  • Ensuring safe and efficient transport of goods.

Our load rated chain and fittings adhere to industry standards and undergo testing to ensure safety and reliability. Trust Sydney Lifting Equipment for all your lifting and rigging needs. For more details, visit our Load Rated Chain and Fittings section on our website.