Synthetic Slings

Synthetic slings continue to grow in popularity due to their versatility and value for money. They can be used in many applications and especially where chains or wire rope slings may damage the load. They are very easy to handle and store. Our synthetic slings are supplied with factory test certificates.
Round slings are a Polyester continuous loop, where the bearing surface will be different every time you use them thus eliminating wear in the eyes. Flat webbing slings are also Polyester and come in different widths depending the Working Load Limit and how much you need to spread the load (this is very useful in boat lifting). Many timber yards use them to move timber around whilst protecting it's dressed surface from damage.

Both Round slings and Flat webbing slings are colour coded to indicate their capacity. Stock items start at 1met and go up in 1/2 meter increments but lengths can be made to order. Capacities start at 1 tonne and go up to almost any required strength.