Wire Rope and Fittings

There are numerous different types of wire ropes for differing applications. Sydney Lifting Equipment carries a large range of these. Ropes stocked are for use in slings, industrial and marine rigging, guying, crane ropes, winch ropes, shade structures, ferris wheel ropes and many others. 
When ordering wire ropes you should specify the following:

1. Diameter. 
2. Length. 
3. Construction. 
4. Core type. 
5. Finish (Galvanised, black or stainless steel). 
6. Termination fittings.

It is also helpful if you can tell us the intended application and Working Load Limit so that we are able to assist you with your choice.

We have in our workshop a 500 tonne swaging press and are able to swage up to 32mm diameter wire rope, big enough for all standard uses.

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