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Boat Lifting Slings

Boat Slings
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Spanset boat slings are for use with travel lift cranes for a wide load bearing lifting surface Synthetic Flat Slings to minimise damage to hulls etc. Chine pads are available for protection from extrusions and keels.

A complete range of salt water resistant secutex polyurethane protective sleeves are also available to enhance the life of the slings. The slings are generally supplied in 2 parts with finger joints near the middle for convenient rigging practices.

• Generally 300mm webbing width
• 10t capacity (20t in basket mode)
• Capacity can be increased by “ganging” (joining side by side)
• 3 and 4 finger joint configuration
• Engineered joining pin required
• Proof loaf tested to 196.2kN with certificate


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Boat Lifting Slings
Boat Slings


Product Description

  • Manufactured with 100% high quality polyester

  • Super strong stitching

  • Double Thickness (2 PLY)

  • Kooper Protected 900mm Sleeved Eyes

  • Color Coded

  • Safety Factor 8:1

  • Complies to Australian Standard AS1353. 

  • Stainless steel label detailing proof load length information

  • Tests Certificate included

  • User Safety instruction included

  • WLL clearly marked on each sling