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50mm Heavy Duty Hook and Keeper Ratchet

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Ratchet tie down assemblies are the complete lashing system with the benefits of high pretension therefore less damage to cargo for general transport requirements.

Manufactured from high tenacity polyester webbing with S hook . Heavy duty powder coated ratchet buckle.
ID tagged on both tail and free end of strap with, lashing capacity, strap length, safety information, date of manufacture, batch numbered and suppliers name for traceability.


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50mm Heavy Duty Hook and Keeper Ratchet


Product Description

  • Handles and Hooks manufactured from high quality tensile steels

  • Gold zinc plated anti – corrosion protected

  • Types: Hook and Keeper and S Hook

  • Super strength high quality polyester webbing

  • Protection Wear Sleeves on the Webbing Straps

  • Safety Factor 2:1

  • Various strap lengths available on request

  • Complies to Australian Standard AS/NZS4380

  • Individually packaged

  • Tests Certificate included

  • User Safety instruction included

  • LC clearly marked on straps, handles and hooks

  • ID Tagged

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